The Biography of Bahareh Farzad

Bahareh was born on December 1981 in an artist family. She began to paint on small pieces of paper till she was attracted to the white wall of her room little by little. A great and white platform where she could create the best and greatest paintings in the world. She altered that wall totally with her markers and to the point that her size allowed. The wise reaction from her mother to these activities shaped her future in the best possible way.

Time passed quickly and because of her strong sense of humor she entered into animation field. She worked in this field for a decade and made an animated short film, with one of her friends, which received good opinions and feedbacks. She had worked for a decade in making animations and now it was the time for change.

So she used her ability to draw and began to work in illustration field. She was considering her audiences, in her own mind, so can take them to a certain point of the story (book) where she wanted to take them. Adults prefer complicated books with more detailed illustrations because to this point of their age they had learnt, day after day, how to make their life more complicated.

But illustration for children was comforting to her and she was trying to look at everything with wonder at the first glance, then use her pencil with passion and be aware to not impose her complexities on children.

Since she was interested in revelation and bringing something from any place she was traveling to, she began to make dolls and statues out of recycled materials. Old materials and instruments were not being thrown out any more because they can be transformed to wonderful and interesting dolls. The joy of this activity could make her busy for hours and hours. Meanwhile the results could amaze her friends, acquaintances and people more and more.